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General Trade Terms

General Trade Terms

The amounts on Invoices ​​are to be received net by CICCI Angola, including any official fees. If there are other expenses, these will be of the responsibility of the customer.

Validity of offers.
Our offers are in general valid in USD for 60 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated in the offer. The exchange rate is at all times mentioned in the offer or on the proforma invoice. It may change from time to time, pending the evolution in the Angolan currency market. Payments in Kwanza’s must be at the exchange rate at the day of payment, if different from the rate mentioned in the offer

Terms of payment.
If nothing else is stated in the offer, payment of stock items is prior to delivery of goods, and in case of importation, at order.

Delivery time.
Delivery time is as stated in the offer or proforma invoice.

CICCI Angola Lda. cannot be held responsible for delays beyond its control

Place of delivery of the goods.
CICCI Angola Lda. premises in Luanda – or customers premises, pending agreement.

Place of delivery and conditions of delivery is that mentioned in the offer

Terms of delivery.
Goods will be delivered to the buyer free of any lien, charges and defects, and the customer is requested to examine the goods at delivery to ensure its proper status and working conditions. Upon delivery of vehicles, the buyer will certify the vehicle as accepted, complete with all accessories, tools and spare tire, and no complaints about these conditions will be accepted at a later stage.

Product warranty.
See warranty conditions

Shown pictures and specifications being part of offers may differ from actual designs or specifications

Governing Law & Arbitration.
In the event of a dispute about a delivery of goods invoiced by CICCI Angola Lda., the Governing Law shall be that of the Republic of Angola and the competent organ shall be the Provincial Court of Luanda, expressively waiving any other.