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After Sales Service Vehicles

CICCI Angola Ltd offer two types of After Sales Services to our clients of factory new vehicles:

1)  Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Service Contract

Vehicle service consisting of a Periodic service as per a Check List at a fixed price for a period of 12 months/20.000 kilometers  (In case of higher mileage, an additional fee proportional to the extra mileage/number or service visits is charged.)

Customer will be informed about faults and additional parts or repairs needed outside what is included in the periodic check, and authorization will be requested for additional man hours/spare parts exceeding an agreed maximum cost.  The authorization will be asked on the basis of a detailed price quote.

The fixed priced vehicle service does not include:

  • Modifications or additions to the vehicle
  • Service and materials other than those listed in the Check List
  • Repairs to the body, upholstery and rim.
  • Vehicles if fitted with non genuine spare parts or parts not approved by the Service Provider, or vehicles to which maintenance or repair work have been done by any other than the Service Provider or its authorized representative on the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes or air conditioning system.
  • Daily safety checks are performed by the Customer.

The vehicle service will be carried out by CICCI’s authorized representative at the workshop address: AUTOMATRIZ – Polo Industrial Viana, Junto ao Porto Seco, Viana, (the “Workshop”) and within normal working hours.

The workshop will carry out the service and eventually agreed repairs in a professional manner with the use of manufacturers approved parts only.

At delivery of the vehicle to the Workshop, the Customer brings a signed CICCI requisition form.

The Customer will receive detailed Bills for Repairs beyond what is included in the yearly fixed amount, in ly  accordance with the standard rates at the Workshop.

The yearly service charges are payable up front upon signing of contract.

2) Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Service “Case by Case”

Clients having purchased a Factory New Vehicle from CICCI Angola Lda. will have access to Service and Repairs at CICCI’s authorized representative at the workshop address: AUTOMATRIZ – Polo Industrial Viana, Junto ao Porto Seco, Viana.

CICCI will in each case provide the customer with a detailed price quote and estimate of duration of Service or Repair.

Additional after Sales Services

Vehicle Replacement Services

CICCI Angola Lda. can offer a Vehicle Replacement Service to customers who purchase a fleet of Vehicles and signed a Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Service Contract.

When a Customer vehicle is immobilized for reasons of accident or prolonged repairs,  CICCI Angola Lda. will upon the Customers request deliver a replacement vehicle for renting during the needed period of time.